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Monsta Box 2019 SBIA Surfboard of the Year

Our Monsta Box, the SBIA Board of the Year for 2019, as voted on by surf shops around Australia for the second year running.

So far this decade, we’re honoured to have won this prestigious award four times. In 2012, our original Performer Series flagship model, the Monsta, took out Board of the Year for redefining the modern shortboard into a more forgiving, yet finely tuned all-round weapon that Parko rode more than any other board on the way to his World Title.

In 2016, JS released our HYFI construction on the world – a faster, stronger, lighter way of making surfboards that’s essential for every surfer’s quiver, especially when thinking of ways to surf your best and have the most fun in smaller waves. The first model we used to unveil HYFI globally was the Blak Box 2, our best seller, used by weekend warriors and pros alike as a dependable everyday board. At the end of the season, our HYFI Blak Box 2 became the next JS to win Board of the Year. 

Mixing the BB2 with our latest incarnation of the Monsta, 6 years after the model was first released, JS created what would soon become our favourite fusion to ever grace the JS lineup – the Monsta Box. Feedback from the team, friends and long time customers was overwhelming, and word of mouth on this new model spread to make it our most ridden and talked about board.

While the Monsta 6 and eventually Monsta 8 still at the pinnacle of high performance boards ridden by the team in the majority of surf contests, the Monsta Box was found by almost everyone who tried it to have the perfect blend of strengths to excel for surfers of all types, day in day out, anywhere in the world. Now available in both regular PU and HYFI constructions, plus squash, round and swallow tails, the Monsta Box’s versatility and user friendly performance defines what our X Series is about, and with its very DNA being crafted from two other SBIA award winning models, it’s only fitting that the Monsta Box is again, officially, the Board of the Year.

Click the links below to view more:

Monsta Box Squash Tail

Monsta Box Swallow Tail

Monsta Box Round Tail

Rider reviews

Just half a dozen of the 100s of comments and congratulations on our Monsta Box winning board of the year! From everyone at JS, thank you.  


I’ve been surfing for 45 years and have owned well over 100 boards. This is by far the best board I’ve ever ridden. Insane speed and release in turns.

- Dallas Kilponen, Sydney AUS


The best board I’ve ever used for sure, in 20+ years of surfing. This is the Ferrari of surfboards! Well done JS. And thank you. 

- Alexandre Bettencourt, Lisbon PRT


I live in Southern California and it’s my daily rider at Trestles. Board is fast and responsive, grovels, shralps and shacks! My magic carpet ride. 

- Steve Weir, San Clemente USA


Got mine in HYFI and it’s so fast and responsive. Makes you feel as if you’re surfing like a pro! Haha. Love it. 

- Mat Zeniedrigst, Bali IND


I love mine – the best all round high performance board I’ve ever ridden, hands down. 

- Matt Chellman, Coffs Harbour AUS


Love my Monsta Box in HYFI construction, super dialled rocker for all round conditions, this board makes me surf better! 

- John Salvador, Sydney AUS


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