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Camp Shred 2020

Cardiff Campgrounds, CA -- Feb 29 - Mar 1

Another amazing event went down this last weekend for Surf Ride’s annual Camp Shred surf demo.

This yearly gathering of surf brands has been dubbed, “The World’s Largest Surf Demo” and brings people of all ages and surfing abilities to the campgrounds of Cardiff, located in North County San Diego. Camp Shred was a chance for surfers to get an opportunity to try out freshly added models to the JS demo fleet which included Occy’s Raging Bull & Bullseye.

Board Of The Event The Raging Bull, while designed to be surfed in better or more powerful waves, was a favorite even in the softer waves of Cardiff. The fuller nose with the wide point and extra thickness pushed forward combined with a flatter entry rocker to make it paddle fast and get into waves early, and then while surfing, generate and hold all of that extra speed. Everyone from the grommies to the old-timers were grinning ear to ear after testing out the board. *Demos were in HyFi construction.

The Wave-Catcher Occy’s step-down, the Bullseye, let the attendees level the playing field against the longboarders and mid-lengths they happened to be sharing the water with. Ridden 2-3 inches shorter and wider than its big brother, the Bullseye is built to keep you catching a lot of waves and flying down the line when other boards would be struggling. For the Bullseye, there were a ton of people trying out one fin combination, coming in and changing up fin setups at the FCS and Futures booths. Quad, Thruster, and 2 + 1 setups are all great options for the outline. For more on the Bullseye click here to watch Noel Salas’ review.

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