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Easy Rider Explained

Jason in the shaping bay, with a quick breakdown of the thought process behind our Easy Rider dimensions.

Check out the range of our latest models available in this new size grid here, or the full hardware interview over on STAB Magazine (preview below):

There's plenty of reasons why Luke Egan had been our chief test pilot alongside JS to fine tune all of our models in Easy Rider dims. First, a deeper understanding  of surfboard design than any ex-pro we've ever worked with. Second, turns like this. Photo Peter Boskovic

If so many of us bigger guys are on the wrong boards, what’s the solution?

"We’ve started building a lot of our most popular models in what we call ‘Easy Rider’ dimensions for bigger humans. They paddle easier, have foam hidden in all the right places but they’re still a nice foiled out surfboards with nice low rails. They turn. There are all the benefits of extra foam without it looking like you're riding an 8-foot mal."

It seems like a massive oversight from the shaping world.

"It’s been something that I only fully realised when I had my own experiences with injuries. I work with guys like Occy and Luke Egan who are bigger guys and I've always been able to make that elite level big guy board but I’m now making boards for bigger people in the general population. There are all sorts of abilities and a big chunk of surfers that just want to be able to put a board on rail and catch more waves."

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