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JS Garage Oceanside Opening and Giveaway

JS Industries is proud to officially open its brand-new North American HQ in Oceanside, California.

One of the most respected shapers in the world, founder Jason Stevenson has built JS Industries from the ground up. Since 1999, Jason’s vision has always been to create the best performing boards in the industry, from CT level shortboards, all the way down to ultra-fast and forgiving twin fins & fun boards. Now, he’s got more focus than ever on building surfboards to suit surfers across the USA, from longtime friends around the country to team riders like Conner Coffin.

“Working with Conner for the past year has been invaluable, and it’s a massive encouragement to see such a world class surfer, who’s born and bred in the USA, do arguably their best surfing to date on the Traktors. We’ve taken decades of R&D and continually fine-tuned our latest models even further for American surfers, thanks to him. “American stores have supported us for almost twenty years now, and in that time we’ve seen an incredible amount of love for our boards and brand overall amongst core surfers and communities. It’s the perfect time to showcase what we’ve worked so hard to create with a location like JS Garage Oceanside. If you’ve ever had a great board from us, or it’s just on the wish list, we want to make sure your next best surfboard ever is waiting for you here.”

And with more time at home than he can ever remember over the last 12 months, Conner’s been a frequent visitor of the new headquarters, both to pick up custom shortboards from Jason and to test out the latest models in stock. Especially when conditions call for a little more variation in the quiver. “It’s been epic riding for JS! The boards feel so fast and responsive and it’s been fun figuring out which models I like most, particularly all the amazing small wave options we’ve developed for the conditions we get so often around home.

Having the new HQ in California is great and I’m fired up to help grow the brand over here.” One of the key links between JS headquarters on the Gold Coast, Australia and California is USA President of Operations, Heath Walker. And having spent his whole life living between these two locations, Walker’s more excited than ever to show American surfers the best of both worlds. “Being Australian and calling the US / North County San Diego my home it's a true honor to be leading and building this amazing brand that Jason and team have built over 20+ years. “Taking a positive approach during the global pandemic, it’s extremely exciting times to see the lifestyle & sport of surfing and the hardgoods attached to it prevailing so well. Business and pleasure are booming. “Our main objective with JS Garage Oceanside is to act as home for the brand in the US – not just for our quality surfboards and accessories, but as a place where we can tell our brand story and be a surf club for the locals and staff to come and hang out in between sessions and work. It’s what we’ve dreamt of for a long time now, and we can’t wait to welcome everyone to the JS Garage for years to come.”

Want a chance to WIN a brand new board from our North America HQ @jsgarageoceanside?

This one's short, sharp and super easy. All you've gotta do is follow us @jsindustries1, plus @jsgarageoceanside, and sign up to our TBRC with your email here if you haven't already. Everyone in North America is eligible, and for the rest of the world, our next board giveaways are for you, so stay tuned. A lucky winner will be drawn in a week, on Thursday 4th March (PST), after which you’ll be able to waltz straight into the Garage and pick a sled, or we’ll ship it straight to you.

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