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Monsta Box 2020 - What's New?

The Monsta Box is our favourite fusion of all time, so to try and improve such a universally loved design, we kept a lot of the best bits, but found a few subtle yet key changes that we unanimously agreed upon in R&D:

Rocker - medium low in the entry and exit, with a bigger sweet spot under front foot. Overall height is the same as the original magic Monsta Box rocker, but placement of the curve has just been pushed more to the ends of the board, similar to our changes from Monsta 8 to Monsta 2020.

Concave - based on team favourites, JS chose to utilise his “reverse concave” structure, which is deeper under front foot and shallower at each end of the board. We found this to be the fastest of them all, as it creates maximum water flow.

To make the final stages of testing even more accurate (and fun), we were lucky enough to finish off the model's development in URBNsurf's Melbourne wavepool. And while the Traktor Team blew up alongside JS, we were given extra motivation to continue the mission of improving as the URBNsurf staff declared the Monsta Box in HYFI had been the number one most popular board in the pool, especially for every day surfers chasing that next level in performance and consistency.

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