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Sally Fitz Takes Out Surfest!

After working hard to maintain her fitness and dial in boards over the off-season, Sally's latest quiver had a few favourites that were perfect for the variety of waves that she's been surfing lately on the east coast. All of these are updates of our favourite Performer Series all-rounder, the Monsta 3, which you'll hear a lot more about in the coming month! Winning craft details, below: MONSTA 6 - 5'8" x 17 3/4" x 2 3/16" approx. 22L In Newcastle, it could be crumbly little beachbreak lefts, dredging right barrels in the harbour, or anything in between - but thankfully this year there was more than a few opportunities to warm up for Snapper! Photo WSL/Bennett Further south on the same day, and another Monsta 3 was being ridden to victory, with our good mate and ex-CT surfer Dayanne Neve taking the win in the hotly contested Australian Open of Surfing trials. We always get great feedback from Dayanne about boards, and with a particularly special ex-Julian Wilson craft looking so good under his feet, we asked him for a few extra details. Take it away mate... "I'm so frothing! It was the 6'0 1/2" Monsta3 Julian board that I ended up riding in the event and it felt amazing! So much drive and control. The waves were 4-5ft, and I'm surprised I could ride it as I thought it may be too small. I actually rode a 6'2" Monsta 3 round tail earlier in the morning, and I almost stayed on that as it felt like a perfect extension of the Julian. Stoked!" Regardless of the waves on tap for the rest of the contest, it looks like Dayanne's covered. Good luck mate!

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