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Sally Runner-Up in Brazil!

Throughout the contest's various different incarnations Sal showed a lot of versatility in both her surfing and equipment, from tricky Grumari to wedgy peaks back at Postinho and eventually solid, mostly closed-out surf for the final. during the middle rounds at Grumari, Sal went with one of her HYFI step-downs, and was quick to chat about it afterwards: “I’m on a little bit of different equipment today and it felt nice and lively. I’m just kind of trying to harness the speed and throw in a bit of flair and creativity with my rides. Yesterday it was a bit bigger and punchier, so today it was nice to jump on a little step down in a hybrid sort of material that I’ve been working on with JS. It felt really nice and I just want to keep building on that performance and I feel like I’ve got plenty more to give!” Eventually going down to a rampaging Tyler Wright, who's found consistent career-best form so far this year, Sal goes into Fiji as the defending champ with her boards dialled in for whatever the Pacific throws at them. Here's hoping both Cloudbreak and Restaurants are roaring when the CT rolls into town! With closeouts aplenty, no defined banks or channels, and rips running throughout the lineup, finals day was far from easy, but Sal still found a few sections to slam on the way to her 5th final in Rio. With the extra size, she was back on her standard Monsta 6 - 5'8" x 17 5/8" x 2 1/4" x 22.3L. Photo Trevor Moran Less swell but still plenty of flair! Sal on one of her favourite smaller-wave boards, and what also may or may not be the next model released in HYFI... Stay tuned. Photo Ryan Miller.

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