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Surfing Mag's HYFI Field Test

The Surfing Magazine crew really know their craft. From master photographers to quality wordsmiths, they've got one of the youngest and most driven media teams in the entire industry, and they all manage to create a ridiculous product thanks to their skills and genuine passion for surfing. In this edition of their Field Test series, one of their staffers, Dayton Silva, gives a rundown on the HYFI Blak Box 2 (and surfs it pretty damn well to boot). Dayto visited the Gold Coast earlier in 2016, and grabbed a HYFI from the JS Factory that he's ridden ever since with a couple of rave reviews. In this clip, he focuses on its spark in small waves, and how it built and carried momentum through turns in pretty standard but fun California conditions. Thanks to the overwhelming feedback on the new tech since its release, core stores everywhere are carrying both HYFI Blak Box 2s in stock, and taking custom orders for other models, from Summer Series pocket rockets like the Psycho Nitro, to the Air 17 and Monsta 6 Performer Series blades. Enjoy! The HYFI Blak Box 2 is designed for conditions anywhere from absolute rubbish to pretty damn good, and it turns all of 'em into a stupidly fun blur of speed and flow that'll get you excited to surf whatever your local is throwing up. That's why surf shops all around Australia voted it the 2016 SBIA Board of the Year.

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