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Thursday, July 21, 2016 4:36:11 PM America/Los_Angeles

HYFIs ready to fly in summertime California beachies! We all know what we're going to get from the US Open - average but super rippable waves, crazy crowds and plenty of prize money. Read More

Ryan Callinan's California Quiver

Friday, July 22, 2016 4:29:26 PM America/Los_Angeles

High performance shorties and step downs, in both HYFI and PU. Ryan's ready! Even though he's a bigger guy, one of the strongest parts of Ryan's surfing is his super progressive and unpredictable approach in small waves. For the US Open, his quiver is a mix of his favourite high performance boards, plus a few step-downs for weaker conditions (he's 6'0" / 80kg). Read More

Julian Wilson's US Open Boards

Saturday, July 23, 2016 4:19:24 PM America/Los_Angeles

Small summer beachies = more HYFIs and even more colour. Sprays courtesty of tiedye enthusiast Adrian Turner. While Julian's magic Monsta 6 that he rode to the semis of the Jbay Open was perfect for the fast, dreamy walls of Supertubes, summertime in California requires a slightly different looking quiver. Read More

Sally Fitz's HYFIs for Huntington

Monday, July 25, 2016 4:10:26 PM America/Los_Angeles

The perfect step-down and daily driver combo! On her way to the final back in Rio, Sal's favourite small wave sled that she dominated on at Grumari was a step-down HYFI MonstaBox. Read More

Dusty's Best Bits From South Africa and WA

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 12:07:03 PM America/Los_Angeles

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Jeremy Flores Scoring At Home

Thursday, July 28, 2016 12:05:56 PM America/Los_Angeles

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Julian Wilson's STAB Caddy

Tuesday, August 2, 2016 12:16:17 PM America/Los_Angeles

Indonesia, and Bali in particular, is a surfer’s playground unlike anywhere else. World-class surf spots every few kays, and sometimes, around everywhere corner. Options galore to test boards, test yourself, and surf just about every type of wave you could ever want. So, when Julian decided to spend a good chunk of his time off last season on the Island of the Gods, he not only managed to come up with one of the best edits of the entire year, but also tested a bunch of his favourite models in HYFI. In this edition of the brilliant STAB Caddy, presented by our friends at FCS, we’re allowed an extra bit of insight from Jules into what he’s been riding, and what he thinks about the new tech. Board essentials below: MONSTA 3 - 5'11" x 18 7/8" x 2 3/8" (approx. 27L)

Kai Hing with What Youth in the Ments

Thursday, August 4, 2016 12:04:20 PM America/Los_Angeles

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Ace Out West

Thursday, August 4, 2016 12:44:54 PM America/Los_Angeles

Living on the Central Coast, Ace gets plenty of opportunities to test his equipment on a range of reefs and points. Couple this with his experience in the Pacific, including a win at Teahupo'o a couple of years back, and he knows exactly what works for him in the juice. For Margies, Ace has a range of new boards and a few older favourites, with some being based on what he's previously ridden in Fiji and Tahiti, all the way down to his standard high performance Monsta 6. More info, below: Monsta 6's, Forget Me Nots and Step Ups - all round pins. Ace is 5'9" / 76kgs. MONSTA 6 - 5'11 1/2" x 18 5/8" x 2 5/16" x 26.1L FORGET ME NOT - 6'0" x 18 5/8" x 2 3/8" x 26.7L FORGET ME NOT - 6'2" x 18 5/8" x 2 3/8" x 27.5L FORGET ME NOT - 6'4" x 18 5/8" x 2 3/8" x 28.2L STEP UP - 6'6" x 18 5/8" x 2 3/8" x 29.1L STEP UP - 6'8" x 18 5/8" x 2 3/8" x 30L

Indo to San Diego

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 12:02:33 PM America/Los_Angeles

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