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  • Can I buy direct from the Factory?
    Yes you can! You are welcome to our US headquarters which is located at 305 Wisconsin Ave, Oceanside, California, 92054. Come and browse the store and hangout with the JS staff. Alternatively you can purchase here online and select 'Factory Pick Up' and you can come and collect your board.

    To find a store near you stocking TRAKTOR boards click here.

  • How long will I have to wait for my new board?
    If a board is listed as 'In stock' the size is currently in the USA warehouse ready to ship immediately and will arrive in 3-5 business days to mainland USA. Approximately 3 business days to west coast, 5 for east coast and 7-10 for Hawaii. Currently for customs, our turnaround is 10 weeks for a standard PU board to the USA from AUS. HYFI & EPS boards tend to take a bit longer, around 14 - 16 weeks to the USA.
  • How much are JS surfboards?
    Prices vary depending on the board model. The best bet is to check the ‘where to buy” page and find your local store. Give them a call or send them an email to find out the price of your favoured model.
  • What size boards do the Pro’s ride?
    As a model is developed it is almost always based on specs from team testing. As a result, the team guys will be riding one of the same sizes available in the model plan. You can see this model plan on each board page along with details on which team rider is riding what under it.

    This is a good guide to base your selections on also - as the team's weights and heights are also given.
  • What size should I buy?
    Selecting the correct board size depends on a range of different variables. It's best to talk with a Traktor dealer about your personal preferences and situation (see WHERE TO BUY for store locations).

    This said, there is also a lot of information on the site to help you out.
  • Board descriptions.
    Reading these will give you good insight into the boards performance attributes. What sort of surf its designed for and even if its recommended to be ridden at a different length (given you know your rough dimensions on a conventional stick). Eg: I AM RED description reads: Ride 4 inches shorter that normal boards, so if you normally ride 6'2 you would go around 5'10..
  • Icons
    All the Icons are designed to help you select what's right for you. Weigh up all the information to give yourself an educated decision.
  • Size tables.
    For each board, there is a "set sizes" table. These are the board sizes and dimensions that you will most likely find at your Traktor dealer. They are designed to retain the boards desired characteristics from smaller, lighter surfers through to larger, heavier ones. It is important to note that when ordering a custom board, straying too far from the size grid changes the boards' performance.

    Also under each size table is usually information on what size (in that model) one or more of the team are riding. Their weights and heights are also included.
  • Where can I buy a JS?
    You can buy online via our product pages, or through our extensive list of Dealers across the USA.

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