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Purpose built to offer more flex and spring across all conditions for younger surfers, Y-FI is the latest stringerless epoxy technology, designed exclusively for the JS Youth Series. .

- Jason Stevenson

With the combination of an EPS foam core and epoxy resin, JS created an ultra light and durable construction, while eliminating the stiffness that a timber stringer adds to normal boards. The advantage for a developing surfer is more flex throughout turns, and as a result, more power through momentum. EPS foam is strong, yet keeps overall weight down, and the EPS core enables JS to lower the rails for extra sensitivity without sacrificing buoyancy.


Ideal for surfers still developing their strength, Y-FI’s lightweight construction gives a carefully tuned flex – more than any other boards in the JS range. Suiting intermediate through to high-level, competitive ability, Y-FI allows you to load up through turns and generate more speed from the very start of the wave to finish. Y-FI now available in the the Youth Series Monsta 6 and Nitro, exclusively at Australian core stores.


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